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Yongjun Lee

General Manager

Investment Team

Yongjun Lee is a General Manager at Nautic Investment, based in Seoul. Prior to joining Nautic Investment, Yongjun worked for Bain & Company, a global consulting firm as a Consultant. At Bain & Company he had committed multiple commercial due diligence, M&A, PMI, value creation plan, and new business strategy projects. Prior to Bain & Company, he worked for global business strategy division at Hyundai Motors Company. Before Hyundai Motors Company he worked at Boston Consulting Group as a Research Analyst.

Career Highlights
✓ General Manager at Nautic Investment, Investment Team
✓ Former Consultant at Bain & Company
✓ Former Manager at Hyundai Motors Company, Global Business Strategy Division
✓ Former Research Analyst at Boston Consulting Group
✓ Bachelor of Economics and Public Administration at Yonsei University
✓ Master of Management of Technology at Korea University

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